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Authorized Service


Repairs and Estimates Fees

2017 Repairs Hourly Rates / Estimates Fees

Gas :$ 80.00/HR
Estimate Fee :$ 50.00 - Portable tools (chainsaw, pump, brush cutter, etc.)
Estimate Fee :$ 100.00 - Non portable tools (snow blower, roller, diesel generator, jumping jack, vibrating plate, etc.)
Hydraulic :$ 75.00/HR
Estimate Fee :$ 50.00
Electric :$ 60.00/HR
Estimate Fee :$ 20.00 - Small tools (battery tool, portable electric tool)
Estimate Fee :$ 30.00 - Large tools (stationary tool, magnetic drill, etc.)
Pneumatic :$ 60.00/HR
Estimate Fee :$ 20.00
  • If you refuse to have your tool repaired, estimate fees are not refundable;
  • If your tool is not repaired, you must retrieve it within 90 business days, otherwise we will dispose of the device;
  • If you accept the fees on the estimate and have your device repaired, the estimate fees will be automatically deducted from the total amount of your invoice.

* The repair times vary depending on the season's workload and the availability of the required parts in inventory.

* Pick-up, delivery and storage services available.


You simply have to bring us your device with a proof of purchase and we will check if the manufacturer's warranty is valid, which depends on your purchase date, the reason for the failure and/or wear.

  • Note that pick-up and delivery fees are not included in the warranty;
  • If the problem is not covered by the warranty, we will treat your request as a repair. One of our technicians will inform you of the repair cost before proceeding. If you do not wish to proceed with the repair, estimate fees will apply (see "2017 Repairs Hourly Rates / Estimates Fees" heading above).